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Redstone Law Firm has a top tier team of professionals representing individuals, businesses, political organizations and trusts locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally. Build on Our Experience and learn more by clicking below.


Matthew S. McCaulley Photo

Matthew S. McCaulley

Managing Partner

Policy Advisors

Grace Beck photo

Grace Beck

Policy Advisor
T.J. Nelson photo

T.J. Nelson

Policy Advisor

Professional Team

Teresa Bourassa photo

Teresa Bourassa

Office Accountant
Diane Burns photo

Diane Burns

Amy Carlisle photo

Amy Carlisle

Administrative Specialist
Jessica Graff photo

Jessica Graff

Executive Assistant
Sarah Havlin photo

Sarah Havlin

Kimberly Nesheim photo

Kimberly Nesheim

Office Support
Sarah Ouellette photo

Sarah Ouellette

Legal Assistant