Core Values

Core Values

Redstone Law Firm embraces four core values that have remained the foundation of our firm for over a decade. These values have helped us grow into a law firm that is recommended by clients and create a culture that is desirable in which to practice.

Hard Work

Hard work is a commitment to doing it right the first time. We do what it takes to accomplish the best result for our client under the circumstances both legally and ethically.

At Redstone Law Firm, we demonstrate hard work through the:

  • Quality of our work product
  • Advice we confidentially give to our clients
  • Years of experience necessary to be able to deliver legal advice

Good Judgment

Good judgment means carefully analyzing a problem or opportunity and weighing numerous possible tactics and outcomes. While challenges and opportunities have legal implications, decisions involve many nonlegal factors that need to be considered in providing sound counsel.

At Redstone Law Firm, we exercise good judgment by:

  • Considering many factors in delivering our legal counsel
  • Basing and balancing our counsel on our real-life experiences
  • Relying on our extensive experience and history representing clients in a wide variety of matters

Collegial Work Environment

Collegial Work Environment means the team at Redstone Law Firm works together with mutual respect. With mutual respect, we have cultivated a culture that is professional, rewarding and enjoyable.

Redstone Law Firm:

  • Is a professional and pleasant place to work and provide legal services to clients
  • Has a cohesive team with many members who have been with us for over 10 years
  • Is a place where every team member works hard and exercises good judgment

Make It Better

Make It Better means Redstone Law Firm works as a team to improve:

  • Clients through providing legal advice
  • Colleagues as a resource in our practice areas and by volunteering our time to provide continuing legal education to the State Bar
  • Community service in nonprofit organizations and other civic roles
  • Churches through the donation of our time, treasures and talents
  • Capitol by assisting elected officials and helping bring economic development to South Dakota to provide better and higher paying jobs for the citizens of this great state

We invite you to visit our Community page for a list of the organizations where the Redstone team has volunteered.